Shatter is what is referred to as very stable and glass like concentrates that more than likely will break into many pieces when dropped on a hard surface. Some shatter has some adhesive properties to it, while other kinds will be smooth to the touch. In order to get some onto your nail, either drop it in with your fingers, or heat your dabber a little with a lighter to cause the extracts to melt to the tool. A lot of people try to find shatter because it is thought to be the purest substance. Wrap your shatter in parchment paper to store and move it.

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Chemdawg Shatter

Chemdawg Shatter is made utilizing only the finest of Chemdawg cannabis grown in Canada. Chemdawg is a sativa dominant hybrid

Girl Scout Cookies Shatter

Buy Cheap Girl Scout Cookies Shatter Online Girl Scout Cookies Shatter is made using the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain

Green Crack Shatter

Green Crack Shatter In USA Green Crack Shatter is made from high quality Green Crack cannabis. Despite the name Green

King Pen Cartridges 1 Gram

King Pen Cartridges 1 Gram Online Buy In USA In the ever-changing, ever-evolving world of cannabis, it’s damn good to

Master Kush Shatter

Master Kush Shatter is made using the highest quality of Master Kush cannabis grown in Canada. Master Kush is an

Mixed Indica Co2 Shatter

Get Mixed Indica Co2 Shatter Now Mixed Indica Co2 Shatter is made using Co2 extraction and the highest quality Indica

OG Kush Shatter

Best OG Kush Shatter Seller In USA OG Kush Shatter is made from the highest quality OG Kush cannabis in

Rockstar Kush Shatter

Get Rockstar Kush Shatter Online Rockstar Kush Shatter is made utilizing the Indica strain of cannabis known as Rockstar Kush

Violator Kush Shatter

Violator Kush Shatter is made utilizing high quality top-of-the-line Violator Kush cannabis grown here in USA. Violator Kush is known